The benefits of Coconut

Coconut is one of the famous fruits at the moment. Indeed, it’s more trendy and used because it offers different benefits and it can be used in several situations.

– The coconut is low in sugar! However, it’s necessary to be careful because it’s rich in calories.

– Coconut helps to facilitate digestion.

– One benefit of coconut is that it slows down Alzheimer’s by the fatty acids that improves cognitive capacities.

– Coconut oil slims down! And yes, it’s made up of 100% lipids that are quickly used by the cells and therefore they don’t have time to be stored. Coconut oil can therefore make you lose weight because there is an increase in energy consumption.

– Did you know that you can also use coconut butter for cooking? In addition, it’s lighter than other butters and will allow you to cook lighter.

– Moreover, coconut water is very thirst-quencher. You can drink it natural or in cocktail. And know that if you drink it after the sport it refills in minerals your organism.

– Coconut can also be substituted for coconut milk that can replace milk or cream in cooking, whether sweet or savory. And for people lactose intolerant, coconut milk can be ideal for you.

– The coconut also helps relieve hunger through the amount of dietary fiber that increases when consuming coconut.

– Coconut also has benefits compared to inflammations thanks to the antioxidants that make up it.

– This fruit, or rather this seed, is also a source of magnesium keeps good cardiac functions, blood pressure and metabolism of liquids. All the benefits of coconut.

– Coconut also has benefits for the skin! Indeed, the coconut softens and moisturize the skin. In addition, it can be used as a make-up remover or as a shaving cream. Coconut also helps to soften facial wrinkles.

Smoothie Banana-coconut and pineapple:

Now that you know all the benefits of coconut, here’s a recipe for a wonderful smoothie:

For this, you need:

100ml of water

1 orange pressed

100 ml of coconut milk

3 tablespoons pear compote

3 small bananas

350g of pineapple

The recipe is simple :

First you must cut the fruit into pieces and press the orange.
Then, mix everything until you get a thick drink.
And here, it is finished, you just have to pour it in glass and taste it cold!

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