Best Bali food

You are on holidays in Bali and you are looking for specialities ? Don’t worry! We have selected the best dishes to taste over here !

– The “Nasi Goreng”: This is a dish of fry rice, vegetable, chicken and onion with a fried egg. This is the best plate of Bali, it exists too the Mie Goreng, who is the same dish but with pasta.

– Balinese Duck or “Bebek Betutu” which is a stuffed duck wrap on Banana leaf and spicy.

– The Babi Guling: This is a traditional dish who is more cook for special opportunity. This plate looks like suckling pig. Indeed, this is roast spicy pig and baste with coconut juice.

– The “Pepe of fish “: This dish include steamed fish on banana leaf, spicy and with coconut juice.

– Urab : This is a mix of coconut, haricot and other chopped vegetables, flavour with spices and chili.

– Ayam Batutu : This dish is composed with stuffed grilled chicken, vegetables, tapioca and coconut

– Soto Ayam : soup made from chicken

– Sate Ayam and Gule: skewer of chicken with peanut sauce and lamb soup

– Ayam Bakar : This dish is composed of grilled chicken with tofu and grilled eggplant.

– Bubur Ayam : chicken soup with rice porridge

– Nasi Uduk : steamed rice with coconut milk

– Rawon : Soup made with beef

– Ikan Bakar : Mix of grilled fish and sea products

And what about the dessert?

– Bubur Injin: This is black rice with coconut juice, vanilla, palm sugar. It can be cold or hot.

– Dadar Gulung: Little thick crepes cook with rice flour and flavour with Pandan, who give the green color, so don’t panic. These crepes are stuffed of palm sugar and grate and grilled


– Lak Lak : Small rice crepes with palm sugar, fresh coconut and honey

– Jajan Bantal : This is a dessert composed by sticky rice, coconut and sugar. This mix is wrap on coconut leaf and steamed.

What to drink in Bali?

– Balinese beers : Anker and bintang which is palm beers

– Arak: This is a palm alcool or rice alcool

– Balinese tea : this is generally flavoured and light

– Green Sands : Fizzy drink dimly alcoholic : a mix of apple and lemon

Want to taste a few of those ideas? Here is some restaurants !

Blanco par Mandif

Warung Mina Seminyak

The Bebek Bengil

The Babi Guling Chandra