The dream beaches of Bali: #1 NUSA DUA

Nusa Dua is a wonderful beach in the south of Bali, at the Burkit peninsula, where everybody goes: tourists , surfers and local people.
If you desire to go in this wide and long beach of white sand, you could relax in front of a splendid blue and clear water or swim because there is just a few waves so swimming is possible.
And if you want to do more sports activities, you can practise many water activities like jet ski, water skiing or go walking and go to the surf spot where any good surfers go.
And finally, you could may be stop to eat local products or relax for the night in an hotel near this little place of heaven.

Here Is a selection of the best places to go :
– Hotel: Inaya Hotel
– Restaurant: Tapa Nusa Dua
– Surf shop: Surf and Turf
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