5 things to do in Bali

You are traveling to Bali ? Here is a few things to do :

  • Go to Kuta Beach & look the sunset
You really should take some time and sit down on the beach during the sunset in Kuta Beach. The feeling is just incredible. Today, Kuta is one of the most famous surf spot so don’t forget your surfboard and your beach towel ! 
  • Attend to Legong or Kecak shows 
Legong is a divine dance. The dancing is very entertaining, the music unique and skilled and the story insightful. Kecak is an other form of Balinese dance and music drama that was developed in the early 30’s in Bali. It is a sight to behold.
  • Take on a trip to the rice fields 
Don’t miss out those beautiful landscapes. It looks like a post card. You will love it for sure ! 
  • Get a massage in Kuta 
What’s better than getting a massage on Kuta Beach ? Listen at the waves, smell the fresh air and enjoy that massage ! Coco oil is so famous, don’t miss that part of Bali ! 
  • Go to Pura Kehen Sanctuary
This Sanctuary is impressive. We bet you already seen it on a photo somewhere online. It’s one of the oldest temple. It’s also one of the best to visit !