Best surf spots

Surf is a very well-known sport that more and more people love, that is why we have made this article to learn more about surfing, in case you want to test it during your holidays.

• The best spots around the world:

Here we wished you to dream and listed you some of the most important and beautiful surf spots, where surfing is like a religion for them. For the more professional of you, this will give you perhaps an idea of your next vacation destination. And for beginners and novices, this may be an opportunity to get started, or visit if you pass by.

o Fernando de Noronha, Brazil: On this spot, the waves are regular and consistent. This site is a nature reserve classified as the UNESCO.
o Bells Beach, Australia: It’s the capital of surf in Australia, it welcomes the Rip Curl Pro Surf. It’s a huge sandy beach near some cliffs.
o Peniche, Portugal: It’s a quality spot, especially the beach of Supertubos, with its powerful waves and the beauty of the beaches. Portugal is recognized as the surfing capital in Europe.
o Mentawau, Indonesia: This is one of the most incredible spots in the world. The waves of this site are the most constant of the globe. Mentawai is a beautiful place with blue water and splendid beaches.

• The best surf in Bali:
o Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia: This spot is about beautiful beaches with turquoise water and mythical waves at the foot of cliffs. It is also the best place for the life around, especially for the restaurants, patios and snacks from where one can admire the view.
o Kuta Beach: This spot is endless beaches. It’s a lively spot, with frequent waves, a sandy bottom and water is hot! For the most professional, you can also go to Kuta Reef, where waves are hollower.
o Echo Beach: It offers large and powerful waves, it’s more suitable for pro surfers but very nice to visit.
o Nusa Lembongan: This spot is quite exotic and frequented by any surfers. Indeed, at high tide, it is deal for beginners. And when the sea recedes, it offers more powerful and hollow waves.
o Desert Point, Lombok : It propose hollow, fast and tubular waves for the surfers, especially for the more experienced.

• Where to learn how to Surf:

If you aren’t yet a professional surfer, why not to start by learning how to surf somewhere it’s possible? It will be a good start!

o Hossegor, France: Here the waves are adapted to the beginners, it is a quiet site, and recognized to be the surf capital of France.
o Taghazout, Morocco: The water is hot unlike many spots wich can be an advantage. There are big waves but they aren’t dangerous and they are regular. There you are not going to go offshore, you are always sent back on the sand.
o Costa Rica: It’s a protected site, where the waves are perfect for beginners and where the water is hot. Moreover, the nature to contemplate is magnificent!
o Byron Bay, Australia: On this spot, the water is hot and the beach is beautiful with its white sand and blue sea. It’s ideal for learning how to surf.
o White Plains Beach, Hawaï: If when we say surf, we think about Hawaï or Australia, let’s just say that learning to surf in Hawaï would be the top! Even though some spots are dangerous, White Plains Beach offers easy waves, around a landscape of white sand and splendid blue water.

• The first steps to surf

o First, you need your surfboard, tailored to your needs.
o Then, you need the right outfit for surfing, a complete neoprene suit.
o You must also adopt the positive attitude of the surfers
o And finally, you need a towel, so don’t forget to get your BaliTowel when you go surfing !